HawkEye 1.0 - PC Surveillance System

BLiSS is presenting a Computer Surveillance Program to protect our society from the malicious intentions, cyber crime, data theft, dishonesty etc.

Computer surveillance is the act of performing surveillance of computer activity, and of data stored on a hard drive or being transferred over the Internet.
Computer surveillance program - Hawk Eye, is very important to monitor PC & Internet activities. It gathers the information of PC & Intrenet activities in silent or invisible mode. All the data is stored in a centralized database which is password protected.

Hawk Eye is useful for corporate, small & medium enterprises and personal users. It has these features:

  • Window Screen-Shot Capturing
  • Records PC Activities
  • Records all the processes of PC
  • Internet Monitoring (Visited Websites)
  • Recording of Emails, Instant Messengers and Chats
  • High Transparency and invisibility in the system
  • Archiving of recorded data in the password protected database
  • Centralized data storage, processing and analysis
  • Secure Login
  • Local Language Support
  • Parental Watch and Control
  • Secure Login


Hawk Eye is very useful in enforcing corporate security surveillance policy and Internet acceptable use policy. It detects leakage of confidential or proprietary information. It is helpful in locating the attempts of unauthorized access to sensitive information with the exact time and date. Hawk Eye identifies the cases of unauthorized software installation. It reveals the facts and purpose of PC Usage during working or non-working hours.
Hawk Eye is designed for invisible and undetectable monitoring of PC users' activity. Hawk Eye software works under Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 operating systems. Hawk Eye works in the background transparently for the user, on the level of OS kernel driver.

How To Purchase ?

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