At Bliss, we are motivated and inspired every time by how our customers use our services & solutions to overcome their business problems, bottlenecks, improvement in the productivity and stay connected to what's most important to them.
Understanding our partners, customers’ strategies and business models in intimate detail enables us to incorporate their input quickly into specific products and offerings.
So many individuals, small organizations, PSUs, large corporations and governments around the world are using our products to improve their work skills and enhance their productivity. Government, academic, health and other organizations trust us to secure their data because our products are based on professional, ethical and highly intelligible techniques.
We are fully committed to the mission of helping our customers and society to realize their full potential. We constantly update and improve our products, knowledge and techniques. We want to continually evolve our organization to be in the best position to accelerate new technologies which is useful for the business organization, other institutions and society.

Some of our expertise are as follows :

Speech Synthesis
Speech synthesis is the artificial generation of human speech. A piece of programming code called engine used for this purpose is called a speech synthesizer, and can be implemented in software or hardware. A text-to-speech (TTS) system converts normal language text into audible speech. Speech synthesis is a process in which input text is analysed, understood and then rendered into the speech. The quality of a speech synthesizer is judged by its similarity to the human voice and by its ability to be understood.
Speech Synthesis can be helpful in the Computer Telephony, Mobile Computing, Screen Reading, Automobiles, Gaming, Edutainment etc.
We have developed World’s first Hindi Text To Speech System. We are also working on Marathi, Tamil, Bangla, Telugu, Gujrati and other Indian Text To Speech Systems.
Bliss has completed so many projects of repute for the European partners to develop Customized Text To Speech Systems for their native and ancient languages. Bliss has worked on Latin, Ancient Greek and so many other Indo European languages.

Speech Recognition
Speech recognition converts spoken words to text. Speech recognition is a broader solution which refers to technology that can recognize speech without being targeted at single speaker—such as a call system that can recognize arbitrary voices. Speech recognition applications include voice user interfaces such as voice dialing, call routing, domotic appliance control, search, simple data entry, preparation of structured documents, speech-to-text processing, and aircraft. BLiSS is trying to develop Hindi Speech Recognition. We have got success in deciphering of Hindi Alphabets without the need of individual training. The work is going on for the running words and sentences to be recognized.

Optical Character Recognition
Optical character recognition is the mechanical or electronic translation of scanned images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text into machine-encoded text. It is widely used to convert books and documents into electronic files, to computerize a record-keeping system in an office, or to publish the text on a website. OCR makes it possible to edit the text, search for a word or phrase, store it more compactly, display or print a copy free of scanning artifacts, and apply techniques such as machine translation, text-to-speech and text mining to it. OCR is a field of research in pattern recognition, artificial intelligence and computer vision. BLiSS is trying to develop Hindi Optical Character Recognition System.

Computer Vision
Computer vision is the science and technology of machines that see, where see in this case means that the machine is able to extract information from an image that is necessary to solve some task. As a scientific discipline, computer vision is concerned with the theory behind artificial systems that extract information from images. The image data can take many forms, such as video sequences, views from multiple cameras, or multi-dimensional data from a medical scanner. Bliss is working on Hindi OCR and Finger Print Matching algorithms.

Telecommunication is the transmission of information, over significant distances, to communicate. Bliss is working on intelligent IVRSs, Voice XML gateways and VoiceXML Interpreters. In telecommunications, IVR allows customers to interact with a company’s database via a telephone keypad or by speech recognition, after which they can service their own inquiries by following the IVR dialogue. IVR systems can respond with prerecorded or dynamically generated audio to further direct users on how to proceed. IVR applications can be used to control almost any function where the interface can be broken down into a series of simple interactions. IVR systems deployed in the network are sized to handle large call volumes.
VoiceXML (VXML) is the W3C's standard XML format for specifying interactive voice dialogues between a human and a computer. It allows voice applications to be developed and deployed in an analogous way to HTML for visual applications. Just as HTML documents are interpreted by a visual web browser, VoiceXML documents are interpreted by a voice browser. A common architecture is to deploy banks of voice browsers attached to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to allow users to interact with voice applications over the telephone. VoiceXML assumes a voice browser with audio output, audio input, and keypad input. Audio input is handled by the voice browser's speech recognizer. Audio output consists both of recordings and speech synthesized by the voice browser's text-to-speech system. Bliss has launched Hindi VoiceXML Interpreter and Hindi VoiceXML Gateway.

Business Solutions
Business software is generally any software program that helps a business to increase productivity or measure their productivity. BLiSS is working on Enterprise level software applications, such as enterprise resource planning, enterprise content management (ECM), business process management (BPM) and product lifecycle management. These applications are extensive in scope, and often come with modules that either add native functions, or incorporate the functionality of third-party software programs. BLiSS has a broader range of products for small or medium enterprises ranging from accounting, groupware, customer relationship management, human resources software, outsourcing relationship management, loan origination software, shopping cart software, field service software, and other productivity enhancing applications.

Web Enabled Applications
Web application is an application that is accessed over a network such as the Internet or an intranet. Web applications are very popular due to the ubiquity of web browsers, and the convenience of using a web browser as a client, sometimes called a thin client. The ability to update and maintain web applications without distributing and installing software on potentially thousands of client computers is a key reason for their popularity, as is the inherent support for cross-platform compatibility. Bliss has provided numerous websites and web enabled applications for so many Small and Medium Enterprises, Corporates, PSUs and Government Sectors.