Pustakaalay 2.0

Pustakaalay 2.0 - Library Management System

Bliss Library has been designed to automate, manage and look after the over-all processing of even very large-scale libraries. This software is capable of managing Book Issues, Book Returns, Magazine/Newspaper Subscriptions and Calculating Fine, generating various Reports for Record-Keeping and Review purposes, according to end user requirements.

Bliss Pustakaalay 2.0 is a complete Library Management Software capable to manage all the functionalities of library and dissemination of information at the right time to the right people. Suitable for small to big libraries including medical and legal libraries, colleges, schools, universities, corporate houses, charitable trust and other academic resource centers.  Other then books Bliss Library Management Software can manage Magazine/Newspaper Subscriptions and any other present and future medias
Bliss Pustakaalay 2.0 is fully compatible with Bar Codes. Use of Bar Codes for Library Management eases the everyday tasks of Books Issue and Return. Moreover, the software can work even without Bar Codes seamlessly. The Bar-Code generation and printing process is a Built-In feature of this Software.

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