Parakh 2.0

Parakh 2.0 - Online Examination System

In its broadest sense, Online Examination is the use of information technology for any assessment-related activity. This definition embraces a wide range of student activity ranging from the use of a word processor to on-screen testing. Due to its obvious similarity to e-learning, Online Examination is becoming widely used as a substitute of traditional examination system within the assessment process. Specific types of e-assessment include computerized adaptive testing and computerized classification testing.

Bliss Online Examination system – Parakh 2.0 is  designed to focus on lower level associations comprises two components: (1) an Assessment Engine; and (2) Question Bank. An assessment engine comprises the software required to create and deliver a test. Our e-testing engines run on standard hardware for the widely acceptable approach.  The software does not include the questions themselves; these are provided by a question bank. Once created, the engine uses the question bank to generate a test. Traditional paper-and-pencil testing is similar, but the test is pulled from the bank at only one time, when it is sent to publishing.
Online Examination is becoming widely used. It has many advantages over traditional (paper-based) assessment. The advantages include:

  • lower long-term costs
  • instant feedback to students
  • greater flexibility with respect to location and timing
  • improved reliability (machine marking is much more reliable than human marking)
  • greater storage efficiency - thousands of answer scripts can be stored on a server compared to the physical space required for paper scripts
  • Enhanced question styles which incorporate interactivity and multimedia.

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