Bliss is a leading global Information & Communication Technology Enterprise with core commitment towards quality products and services. Bliss has started its operation in 1998, and officially founded in 2003, is one of India's original IT garage start ups. Its range of offerings span R&D and Technology Services, Enterprise and Applications Consulting, Artificial Intelligent solution services, Systems Integration and Distribution of Technology and Telecom products in India. Bliss comprises a dedicated team of researchers, brilliant technicals and energetic marketing professionals.

Bliss has global partnerships with several leading organizations and closely working with different enterprises of repute. Bliss has developed itself as a front runner solution provider as well as quality product development centre. Not only Bliss is providing its services to different customer whether it is corporate sector, public sector or an individual entity but also Bliss is a pioneer among product development organization. Bliss has released more than 30 different products in the open market as well as served more than hundred different customers in Rajasthan, all over the India and the entire world. Along with the swiftly growing software technology industry, Bliss, which was hitherto known as the pioneer in modern computing made the advent into software development. Today, Bliss is a leader in providing intelligent solutions like Speech Synthesis, Speech Recognition, Optical Character Recognition, Image Processing Solutions Services to different customers in India and the entire world. Bliss is focused on addressing the growing demand for the cost-effective management of technology infrastructure across geographically dispersed locations.

Product Engineering & Technology Development

The Engineering and R & D services department constantly working on new ideas and technology. It is the result of their hard work, dedication and innovative approach to produce more than 30 products in a short span of time. Bliss offers a comprehensive range of R&D and Engineering services to component vendors, OEMs, ODMs and ISVs across multiple industry segments and domains.

Dr Shakti Singh Parmar, CEO and Founder, Bliss Intelligent Technologies, said, “Twenty first century begins with the convergence of technologies and consequent process of globalization. Information Technology has been instrumental in accelerating the process of economic growth. We need more sincere efforts to make technology useful for the people. Technology has its significance if it is being used by the people.”