Bolti Paati 2.0
A text editor is a type of program used for editing plain text files.
Bolti Paati 1.0 is an intelligent Hindi text editor with integrated Hindi Text To Speech support.

  • A software package for those who have low vision or are visually impaired
  • Blind people can draft a letter or compose a text file in Hindi.
  • They can hear everything whatever they have written.
  • They can edit their written text.
  • Facility of speaking keys.
  • Speaking menus.
  • Overall it is a very useful product for those who can't see.

Hindi Text To Speech

Text To Speech Synthesis is a voice technology in which raw text is converted into audible speech. Text To Speech (TTS) is a process through which input text is rendered as digital audio and then "spoken". Bliss presents Hindi Text To Speech System.
Bolti Paati 2.0 is a simple application of Hindi Text To Speech. We have simplified the interface and usable techniques of this software. It will read your input Hindi text and it can also read Hindi clipboard text, It means it can read any selected or copied Hindi text in your PC.

How To Purchase ?

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