Bahuroopia 2.0

Bahuroopia are famous for their quick wittiness, joke bursting and comedies. Bahuroopia used to provide entertainment and fun to people on festivals, feasts and marriages. They also worked in courts of ruler and used to amuse them by their banter. This style of entertainment is in danger and Bahuroopia have shifted to other professions. Bahuroopia are famous for changing their attire and resemblance with famous personalities and Gods. They can produce the voices of different people too.

Bahuroopia - The Software which can read Hindi text for you

Bliss has decided to dedicate this Hindi TTS application to Bahuroopia because the application can produce multiple voices of different gender and age group. At the same time this application is very entertaining for children and it generates the charm to learn Hindi.

Bahuroopia 1.0 is an entertaining software package, along with nice edutainment features for the young ones.

  • Bahuroopia 1.0 Can produce multiple featured voices.
  • User can vary the speed of speech.
  • User can play any text of Hindi from any other external window.
  • This software can be very useful in the schools and Hindi teaching organizations. Different voices generate tremendous interest and curiousity in students.
This software can perform the Clipboard Reading.

Hindi Text To Speech

Text To Speech Synthesis is a voice technology in which raw text is converted into audible speech. Text To Speech (TTS) is a process through which input text is rendered as digital audio and then "spoken". Bliss presents Hindi Text To Speech System.
Bahuroopia 2.0 is a simple application of Hindi Text To Speech. We have simplified the interface and usable techniques of Bahuroopia. It will read your input Hindi text and it can also read Hindi clipboard text, It means it can read any selected or copied Hindi text in your PC.

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